In our BABIES & TINY TOTS room, providing your little angel with a safe and loving environment is what we are here for. Each child is assigned their very own crib equipped with linens that are laundered regularly. Whether your child is on formula or breast milk, we are equipped to store their bottles and prepare them as needed. We also have plenty of storage space should you prefer to send bulk items. An individualized “Daily Report” is sent home with your child to keep you informed of how their day went and what events occurred throughout the day. In BABIES & TINY TOTS, we focus on the development of your baby’s brain with music, touch and attention. We also stimulate their senses and brain with age appropriate toys and sensory equipment. Tummy-time is practiced regularly to build strong muscles. We do not participate in “cry-out” or “self-soothing” methods but rather provide prompt attention to your child and meet their needs lovingly. We provide your child with custom care – we do not expect them to be on a set schedule but rather we adjust to their needs and demands. Once your child becomes active and developmentally ready for advancement, they will be promoted to our TOTS class. This usually occurs around 12 months of age. Our seasoned staff have a true love for infants and your little one will receive lots of love and prayers each and every day in BABIES & TINY TOTS.



TOTS – the movers and the shakers. Our TOTS love to play! Providing your child with a safe and developmentally appropriate environment is a top priority. Our TOTS room is equipped with soft floor mats and an enclosed play area to ensure your child’s safety. Once your child is 12 months old, they become part of our food program and breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack will be provided, along with whole milk and 100% apple juice. Snacks are everything to TOTS and we only serve nutritional items that are low in sugar and preservatives. Your Tot is also provided their own high chair or feeding seat. We teach the Infants Sign Language in our TOTS class as well as interact with song, dance and motor skill activities. Tots nap in portable cribs or floor mats that are fitted with linens that are laundered regularly. The TOTS enjoy several “buggy rides” throughout the day when weather is appropriate and also enjoy the playground area on occasion. An individualized “Daily Report” is sent home with your child to keep you informed of how their day went and what events occurred throughout the day. Another favorite in the TOTS room is story time. Our dedicated Staff work to get your Tot on more of a schedule which will prepare them for their promotion to TODDLERS at 18 months of age. Be ready – TOTS love to have fun and our Tot’s Teacher love to get creative!



There is plenty of laughter in our TODDLERS room. The kiddos enjoy structured play time as well as many activities to develop their motor skills. The TODDLERS spend the majority of the day testing their independence. There are many ways that we encourage them to think and solve problems on their own. Being in the TODDLERS class means it’s playground time. Toddlers are old enough to visit the outdoor playground and are lead by the lead ropes at all times. Our TODDLERS class also participates in our monthly curriculum which focuses on color, shape, letter and number recognition. The children sleep on cots provided by the school and listen to scripture lullabies daily. The TODDLERS also have daily work sent home and a daily report to reflect their behaviors and activities from the day. In our TODDLERS class, many of the children are preparing for potty-training. Potty-training officially starts once your child turns two years old and advances to our Two Year Old Class where they have access to a child-size toilet. We strive to stay on the daily schedule in our TODDLERS class because we have seen the importance of routine at this age. Our staff is very patient with these little ones who frequently like to test boundaries and express themselves with physical touch – teaching them to “be nice” and “love like Jesus” is a very common strategy in TODDLERS!

Mrs. Jen and the rest of the staff are amazing! We are so comfortable leaving our little one in their care daily. We couldn’t ask for a better program to help our baby grow educationally and in faith.

Tracie Roberts

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